Sheet Rack

This Sheet Rack supports full or partial 4 X 8 sheets for cutting lengthwise or crosswise, lay it on the floor or raise it to a comfortable height on a pair of sawhorses. With a good saw guide and a sharp blade finished cuts can be made for many projects. Smaller panels can be trimmed on a table saw with the use of a sled for exact cuts.

Assembly Instructions

Lay an 8' two by four corner to corner across a 4 X 8 sheet with the narrow edge up, lay a second two by four across the first supporting the ends with short lengths.

Mark the edges of both two by fours where they cross.

Notch both two by fours half way through.

Circular Saw Guides

Rockler Straight Edge System
Ripping and shaping long stock has never been easier or delivered more accuracy! The Rockler Straight Edge System boasts "across the board" functionality for sawing, routing, drafting, story pole work and more. Ideal for stock up to 8  long and 2.75  thick. Benefits: Rip full plywood boards up to 8  long with complete accuracy Keeps your circular saw or router on point to eliminate twists, drifts, and jagged edges Built-in story stick helps you plan your cuts Light and easy to carry from one measurement to another Breaks down for convenient storage

Rockler Straight Edge System

Rockler Straight Edge System
Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide
If you like dimensioning large sheet goods with a handheld circular saw, you'll love the Kreg Rip-Cut Saw Guide. There's no need to juggle guide rails, a pencil or tape measure. In fact, there's no measuring or marking required—just slide the fence on the Rip-Cut to any setting from 1/8'' to 24'' and rip a clean, straight line right down the length of the sheet. The Rip-Cut attaches easily to virtually any circular saw, whether left- or right-handed. Adjusting the fence is easy, simply open the cam lever, and slide it to your setting, just like a table saw fence.

Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Bandsaw patent
Frame For Illustration Only

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