Tile Top Patio Table

Based around a 16" square ceramic floor tile this unique little table is just the right size to hold your snacks and liquid refreshments as you relax on the patio.

The Top

The top is basically a picture frame, four boards with mitered corners, with a rabbet cut in the front to fit the ceramic tile.

To add some character I used the edges of a slab of yew that I had sitting in the shop, any other dimensioned wood such as cedar or white oak would work as well. I smoothed the top with my jointer, then sanded the high spots on the edges, but actually left it quite rustic.

I used a Kreg Jig to fasten the corners of the frame for the top with screws and Tite Bond II glue.

The slab edges were not all the same width so the corners were matched as well as possible, then sanded even after the glue had dried.

The Legs

The legs were made from 18" long lengths of the edge of the slabs as well, two sections were used, ripped at 30 degrees and glued together.

The legs cut at an angle to give them a slightly rounded appearance when glued together.
Brackets were attached to the top of the legs with screws and glue.
The legs were then attached to the top frame with screws but no glue so they can be taken apart for storage this fall.

The table was finished with an outdoor oil to protect it from the elements and bring out the features in the yew slab.


Tools and Supplies
The Rocket Jig by Kreg
The Rocket Jig by Kreg

TitebondŽ II Premium Wood Glue
TitebondŽ II Premium Wood Glue

Outdoor Oil
Outdoor Oil

Bandsaw patent
Frame For Illustration Only

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