Dachshund CD Holder

Use any 3/4" thick material, pine was used for the one in the picture, finish as desired.

The pattern for the body parts is here, print the page in landscape mode at 100%. Make sure that the grid has 1" squares when it is printed out. Cut two each of the front and back legs, rip a short length of 2" wide 3/4" thick material in half so you have two pieces 3/8" thick for the ears.

Cut two back pieces as shown below from 3/4" thick material.

After sanding all the body pieces glue them to the backs as shown.

Cut two 3" lengths of bent metal flashing, available at any home centre supply store, for support brackets, file the edges and round the corners. Drill two holes as shown, just slightly smaller than the head of a #6 flat head screw. Mark the position of the holes on the wood back piece. Place a screw in a hole in the support bracket and position it over a metal bar with a 5/16" hole drilled in it, tap the head of the screw gently so that it is indented even with the surface, do this for all four holes. At the marks on the back pieces using a 5/16" drill bit make a slight dimple for the indentations to fit into. Fasten the metal supports to the back pieces with two #6 X 5/8 screws.

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Material Required

3/4" x 5 1/2" X 2' pine

6" bent metal flashing

4 ea. #6 X 5/8" wood screws

Tools Required

Band Saw or Jig Saw

Hand Drill or Drill Press

Screw Driver


Tin Snips