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This is a collection of clip art that would be suitable for yard art and scroll sawing projects. They are not actual patterns, but meant to be a starting point for your projects. Check the drawings before using them for scroll sawing and make any alterations before starting your cuts.

All of the drawings are placed on a squared grid, you may use this to enlarge them by drawing a larger grid and duplicating them square by square.


If there is a lot of detail in a square it helps to draw lines from corner to corner of both the squares.

Determine how large you wish to make the figure, from either the width or height, divide that measurement in inches by the number of squares on the grid of the original drawing. Take into consideration that the figures don't always extend to the edge of the grid squares so a small amout will have to be added to the size of the large squares depending on which one is used.

Right click on the images to save them to your computer.


cow clipart
cow clipart
cow clipart
bull clipart
milking cow clipart
cow head clipart


Bandsaw patent
Frame For Illustration Only

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