Heart and Bow Candle Holder

This candle holder can be finished with a clear stain for a natural look, or the two parts can be painted with complementary colours. Use 1 1/2" thick material for heart, 3/4" material for bow, print patterns, then mark them on the material. Mark the heart as shown below to locate center of hole for candle. Using a 3/4" spade bit drill a hole 1 1/4" deep before cutting heart out.

Cut heart and bow shapes with a jig saw or band saw, drill a 5/32" dia. hole in bow, then using a 3/8" twist bit carefully drill an indentation to countersink the head of the wood screw on the bottom side of the bow. Fasten to heart with glue and a 1 1/2" long wood screw after parts are painted or stained.

Click here for patterns for heart and bow.

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