Spool Book Stand Free Plan

Unique spool design for a book stand, made from common materials, use to hold recipe books, knitting instructions or any other reference material. Designed to fold flat when not in use, great way to use up scrap wood. Detailed free plan is available as downloadable .pdf file that may be opened on your computer and printed on standard letter size paper.



Material List

1 ea. 3/4" X 4 1/2" X 9" pine
2 ea. 3/4" X 1 1/4" X 6" pine
1 ea. 1/4" X 3" X 5 1/2" plywood
1 ea. 3/4" X 3" hinge
2 ea. 5/16" X 1 1/2" dowels
2 ea. empty sewing spools, available at hobby shops
3' length 20 gauge copper or brass wire




Decorating Idea!

sewing machine patent

10 X 13 patent print available from
Vintage Internet Patents